Any Country
Can Be Rich.

That will come true if the industry has the necessary resources.
Ammonia is a resource that can be converted into energy and various raw materials.
Our technology can produce ammonia on the islands, in the wilderness, and in the mountains
if we have water, air, and the electricity that the land can produce.
A country without resources can have resources.
Yes, any country can be rich.

About us

We are a start-up company that was established based on the electride catalyst technology developed by the Professor Emeritus Hosono, who leads the group of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
By designing a catalyst technology and a process suitable for that catalyst, we will establish a technology that breaks the common sense of "large-scale centralized production" of ammonia. We will also contribute to society by promoting decentralized production with low environmental impact.


We will solve survival issues related to environmental and food problems by utilizing a unique technology and realize a sustainable society.


Applying a new technology originating from colleges and universities, promoting development through active collaboration with other companies, and initiating supply chain innovation in the ammonia industry.

Through this innovation in the food sector, we will provide means to solve the problems of the uneven distribution of supplies and the depletion of resources.

Furthermore, we will develop human resources who can implement creative technologies in society, promote technological development that reduces environmental impact, and ensure sustainability.